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The Nantucket Book Festival is an annual celebration of the literary arts that brings together authors, book lovers, and storytellers. For one exciting weekend each June, the island of Nantucket transforms into a book lover's paradise, featuring a captivating lineup of author readings, panel discussions, writing workshops, and book signings.

Whether you're a die-hard bibliophile or simply someone who appreciates the artistry of the written word, the Nantucket Book Festival offers something for everyone. Plus, almost all Festival events are FREE and open to the public, ensuring that literary enjoyment is accessible to all.

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The Nantucket Book Foundation extends beyond its annual celebration of books, actively fostering a love for reading, writing, and storytelling throughout the year, both on and beyond Nantucket.

Our initiatives include the NBF Visiting Authors Program, ongoing collaborations with island schools, partnerships with local organizations, and our inaugural Children's Festival this September. These efforts collectively contribute to our mission of establishing Nantucket as a premier literary destination in New England.