Michael Schulder



Michael Schulder (he/him/his) created Wavemaker Conversations in 2013, after many years in the heart of network news, to better understand our world and our human challenges and potential on a deeper level — and to share the wisdom.

These in-depth conversations — distributed on his podcast, videos, newsletter, and presented at live events — feature some of the most learned or talented or inspiring or just plain fascinating people imaginable.  

They include historians and historic figures, athletes and coaches, experts on conflict resolution, political players and performing artists, leaders in journalism and medicine and mental health (he can’t resist a free conversation with a therapist.)

His time in network news included five years as a Writer for Peter Jennings at ABC World News Tonight and seventeen years as a Senior Executive Producer at CNN.  He graduated from Vassar College, where he received a solid liberal arts education — which continues to this day thanks to journalism (and our Nantucket Book Festival.)

His favorite pro-bono work includes mentoring young journalists and the documentary work he has done over the years for the International Rescue Committee. His very favorite is parenting.