Charity Grace Mofsen



Originally from North Carolina, Charity Grace Mofsen (she/her/hers) first visited Nantucket in the summer of 2015 and became lovestruck--not just from the serene natural beauty--but more importantly, from the people who resided here. This kinship brought her to become a full time resident within just a few months.

With a love for deep listening and advocating for the island’s community, Charity Grace now serves as the Legislative Liaison to State Representative Dylan Fernandes.

Inspired by the beauty of Nantucket and the island’s unique history, Charity Grace shares her gifts as a Photographer with brilliant fine art prints and creative storytelling through portrait sessions.

Holding a degree in Sustainable Residential Design and Development from Maharishi International University, Charity Grace is fascinated by the architecture, history and buildings on Nantucket and holds her real estate license at Centre Street Realty.

Charity Grace is an advocate for the empowerment of youth. Her experience in a consciousness-based learning environment allows her to bring a holistic approach to education that enlivens one’s creativity and encourages the development of full human potential.

A shameless dreamer, Charity Grace keeps her feet on the ground with a love for gardening and her head in the stars with a fascination for Astrophotography.

Her dog Hershel brings her joy everyday.