“We are a tribe,” Will Schwalbe told us readers when he last appeared at The Nantucket Book Festival. “We are a powerful tribe. And we need to connect with one another in real life places …”

On this episode of At Home With Authors, we connect with Will Schwalbe at his real apartment in “the dream line” of his dream building, in what he calls “the city of real estate regret.”

And we ask him his favorite question – the animating question of our tribe: What are you reading?

“I’m shut in, locked down, separated from humanity,” he tells us. “Now is the perfect time to go back and finish …” Wait for it.

Will Schwalbe is the author of Books for Living, as well as The End of Your Life Book Club – about the two-person book club he formed with his mother after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is the creator and host of a podcast called “But That’s Another Story,” where he speaks with great authors about books that changed the course of their lives.

In this conversation with Will Schwalbe, which took place during the first wave of the pandemic, we'll learn why Anne Napolitano's new novel, Dear Edward, might change the way readers interact with strangers the next time it's safe to be back in a crowd.

We'll learn why Will wishes he could bring David Halberstam back to life for this moment in history.

We'll learn why Will views Pachinko's author, Min Jin Lee, as the "consummate literary citizen."

And we'll learn why Will Schwalbe felt this was the perfect time to go back and finish -- oh, come on, just listen to the first few minutes and find out.

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