Ruth Reichl has been writing about food for 50 years.

So what's new after half a century?

The pandemic is new.

The last time Ruth joined us at the Nantucket Book Festival, in 2017, we spoke about her book My Kitchen Year: 136 Recipes that Saved My Life -- her response to the trauma she experienced after the death of Gourmet Magazine, where she had been Editor in Chief for a decade.

When Gourmet folded, Reichl did what she has always done in times of trouble. She sought sanctuary -- in the kitchen.

In this episode of At Home With Authors, she shares a personal account of her kitchen year during our national trauma.

She also shares what the pandemic has revealed about hunger in America, "our broken food system," and what she is learning, from a new documentary she is producing, about how we can help repair that system.

A sanctuary is essential. Even better when you can make it grow.


When we knew Ruth Reichl was joining us, we reached out to the team at Sustainable Nantucket and spent some time with Calin Duke, who manages their Farm to School program. Calin has noticed something about the impact of growing food on growing minds. So here is Calin Duke with Ruth Reichl.

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