Who? Our guest is Daniel Weiss, author of In That Time: Michael O'Donnell and the Tragic Era of Vietnam. Weiss, an art historian and CEO of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has found the poetry in one soldier's life and has captured a portrait of the Vietnam era.

Who Else? The book's publisher, Peter Osnos, also joins us. Peter is the Founder of PublicAffairs Books and was a Washington Post reporter based in Saigon when Michael O'Donnell served there and when the helicopter O'Donnell piloted on a daring rescue mission was shot down.

Three Reasons to Watch? For Weiss' account of a rescue mission into the Cambodian jungle that will stay with you; for the perspective of a journalist who covered the Vietnam war; for the reading of O'Donnell's signature poem by Iraq War veteran and author Kevin Powers.

Why Watch Until The End? In the last few minutes of our conversation, the author connects the history of art and civilization to this one man's story, the Vietnam Era, and our own.

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