With current events moving at a breakneck pace, we have historians on speed dial.

At Home With Authors checks in with Barbara White, whose new book Disturber of Tradition, published by the Nantucket Historical Association, brings 19th century Nantucket racial justice advocate Anna Gardner to life -- at just the right time.

In her conversation with Nantucket Book Festival Chair Mary Bergman, Barbara tells us that she “looks at everything through the lens of the 1800s.”

During the first six minutes of this conversation you’ll see things through those lenses that are not visible in the daily rush of breaking news.
And if you keep watching, you’ll learn about the digging it took, over many years, to discover unheralded "movers and shakers, who became abolitionists."

At Home With Authors thanks the Nantucket Historical Association for its help with images, its support of local authors and historians, and for being an invaluable content and human resource for discovering the island's past.

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